Monday, 30 May 2011

Support for the Hulme's Birley Fields campaign

Manchester Metropolitan University’s (MMU) proposal to build a £120 million campus development on Hulme’s Birley Fields is likely to go before Manchester City Council’s planning committee for consideration in late June or July 2011 regardless of some reports jumping the gun.

Local resident’s concerns about the development, some of which include the
  • size of buildings
  • effects on the community
  • loss of open space
  • traffic, congestion and pollution

In response, local residents have
The group is also encouraging people to sign their online petition,, which currently has over 250 signatures on it.

The Hulme Green Party supports the resident's campaign to stop MMU’s development until the issues raised can be addressed.

The Hulme Green Party also calls on Manchester City Council to make the effects on the Hulme community a higher priority with planning applications.

We note that currently
  • MMU is doing a large scale development of its All Saints main campus
  • There is the Birley Fields development, mentioned above, going for planning permission
  • There is a large 650 bed student accommodation block on Coupland Street proposal going for planning permission
  • There is a student accommodation building currently being built on Stretford Road
  • The community is waiting to see if plans will be submitted to build more student accommodation on the ‘Gamecock pub’ site on Boundary Lane
  • MMU have purchased Hulme’s ‘The Salutation’ pub and its future is now uncertain.
Its a huge amount of activity in Hulme and the combined effects could have a severe effect on the community without careful consideration.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hulme Local Elections 2011 Results and Response

First of all the Hulme Green Team would like to thank everyone voted for us, we greatly appreciate your support.

We also would like to thank everyone who put in time, were on the streets, commented, advised, talked to us from your windows and rang us up, it all helped make our campaign.

The issues raised during our campaign, we will continue to pursue, we will make ourselves as accessible as we can to our community.

Finally, we congratulate Labour on their victory in Hulme and particularly Manchester. We hope that they take on board the comments on representing all the community and in Hulme, take on board community concerns on the big changes planned for our area.

It will be our job to help them do this.

And so the results:

Mary Murphy Labour 1689
Ruth Bergan Green 742
Jamie Williams Conservative 302
Andy Hardwick-Moss Liberal Democrats 211

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