Thursday, 31 December 2009

Will MMU finance troubles threaten the "Green Campus"?

A string of recent bad news for MMU finances and University funding in general may mean the bold green plans for the proposed Hulme campus are under threat.

The "Green Campus" idea is a big part of the sales pitch, but although there are some imaginative ideas there have never been any guarantee about what they will entail.

As such, these plans could be among the first to be scaled down when belts need tightening. And they do.

First the MMU came unstuck when millions were lost in investments during the Icelandic banking crisis.

Then the university announced 127 job losses in November.

Financial problems now mean the move from Didsbury will now happen in "installments".


So December's demands for huge cuts in University spending by Peter Mandelson could spell the triple whammy for the eco-plans.

We hope that the MMU can be open and frank about the potential impact of recent problems on their plans for a Green Campus and we will continue to keep you informed.
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Friday, 4 December 2009

Hulme Action Day

Like you, our aim is to progress towards a fair sustainable society by campaigning on environmental and social justice issues. Part of our 'think global, act local' plan includes getting people elected to Manchester City Council to put green policies firmly on the agenda. Another Labour Councillor wont make any difference; getting a real green voice on to Manchester City Council will - We've got Hulme Green View Newsletters to deliver come along and help out in a friendly social setting.

All Welcome! Come along Saturday, the 5th of December - Fair is Worth Fighting For!

12.00 Meet up at 'Kim by the Sea' Cafe for tea/coffee

12.30 We'll split into groups of 2-3, get a bunch of leaflets, an allotted small area&maps

In the evening - off to the pub!Kim by the Sea, 49 Old Birley Street,Hulme, M15 5RF

Map for directions:
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