Meet Our Candidate

Deyika Nzeribe will be standing for the position of Local Councillor representing Hulme on behalf of the Manchester Green Party in the 2016 local elections.

Deyika with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett in Hulme
Hello My name is Deyika Nzeribe. I'm lived in Hulme for the past 15 years and am from Manchester and currently work in Ardwick.

I'm involved with and support various groups locally. There main areas are the arts, environmental education and police monitoring.

Hulme has changed a lot in that time and like a lot of Manchester, it's a 'Tale of two Cities'.

While huge amounts of money has poured into the city, it also notable for having some of the highest levels of child poverty in the country, poor health, suicides, homeless and the list goes on.

While Hulme looks good and there has been a lot of new building over the past few years, over 47% of families with children are living in poverty here.

It's a similar situation in Moss Side, Rusholme and Ardwick. Labour councillors have done little about this and don't what plans or ideas they have to make things better.

Attracting money and resources to Manchester is fine but everyone should be able to share in that wealth, and in doing so, the city should also make environment and climate change central to it planning.

I will

  • Defend local services and work to restore them
  • Work to support local people affected by welfare changes and organisations that also have this aim
  • Work to support the NHS
  • Work to provide homes to those that need them
  • Work to provide jobs to Manchester people that reduce local unemployment
  • Aim to ensure that as a city, Manchester will develop and implement its environmental and climate change plans in real and measurable ways.
I believe that Green national policies and local ideas will make a better Hulme and a better Manchester.