Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hi Greens and Green Supporters,

A pilot anti - climate change campaign is being run in Greater Manchester for the next 5 weeks. It's challenging businesses to switch off lights when they're closed.

The aim is to get the general public to email in photos when they're out in the evening of shops/offices that have left light on and they'll use it to challenge the business.

Watch this YouTube to get more information:

It's called The Light Brigade. The website is:

The facebook group is:

And the twitter account is: Lightbrigadeorg.

The group would be really grateful if you could circulate the details of this project and spread the word, as without people knowing, the impact won't be as big.

Best Wishes

Gayle O' Donovan

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Hulme Green Drinks - All Welcome

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Update on the Arch Bar

Just to keep everyone informed... The Planning Dept yesterday deferred the decision on whether to give the green light to the plans to build the six-storey block on the site of the Arch.

This is pleasing, but we should not necessarily get our hopes up too much. Nevertheless, following a "site visit" (during which the committee members actually GOT OFF THE BUS - a rare event, apparently), at the actual planning meeting, the first thing that happened was that the Chair, Cllr Burns(Labour) declared that "there's no such thing as a done deal here", quoting directly from a local activist's Twitter update earlier in the day.

This would seem to imply that they are now well aware that there is a head of local public opinion against this, and it has them rattled. They may wish to delay the decision till after the local elections on May 6th. However, according to The Applicant (Andrew Whatson), who we met the night before the planning meeting at the Green Party office, the developers need to start the work before May if they are to be able to open in time for the start of term the following year (Sept. 2011).

The petition has 172 names now, which is great going in just over a week.

Please sign the petition:

Also, thought I'd pass on the good news that at the same planning meeting it was announced that the developers wishing to turn Chorlton Meadows into football pitches withdrew their application. That doesn't mean that they may not change their plans slightly and re-submit them in the future, but for the time being it's a tremendous victory for the Save Chorlton Meadows campaign.

Well done to everyone involved!
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Arch Bar letter

Dear Resident,

As you probably know, property developers are planning to knock down the Arch Bar and build a massive six-floor block of student flats there instead. Last month, the Council decided to put off the decision on the plan until after they have conducted a site visit.

This late proposal came from councillors following pressure from locals and The Green Party. However, we shouldn't expect too much from the postponement by itself. The plans will come before the Council Planning Meeting at the Town Hall on Thursday 14th January at 2pm. If this matters to you and you can attend, please do so to show local feeling about the loss of yet another community resource for the people of Hulme.

You may not be aware, however, that The Cavendish pub just along the road from Arch Bar, last week closed down. It was sold by the owners and we think it might become a fast food outlet (this is unconfirmed at this stage). This is all the more reason to try to save the Arch.

Danny Hall, ex-manager of both Arch Bar and the Cavendish pub says: “The Arch Bar should not be demolished – it should be turned into a community resource like it used to be.”

In Spring 2008 a Local Labour election leaflet featured a big item on the fate of the Arch after it closed. Along with a nice photo, it said: "Your Local Labour Team is lobbying for the site, which Robinson's are planning to sell, to be used for the building of affordable homes for Hulme people or a facility to be used by the community."

It's a shame that 18 months later it appears that Labour are ignoring these fine ideals. We had hoped the Labour Council wouldn't just say “yes” to the first money-making scheme that came along. Sadly it looks like property developers' interests may once again come ahead of those of the community.

I will continue to keep you informed of what's happening.

With best wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year.

Gayle O’Donovan,
Green Party Candidate for Hulme

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

4 days to save Arch Bar - sign the petition

Please sign the petition before the planning meeting on Thursday. Visit the site to read the arguments:
Online petition - Save Arch Bar in Hulme
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