Thursday, 11 February 2010

Breaking News:Hulme Labour wants to have its cake and eat it too!

The Arch Bar / student halls planning decision has today been deferred by the Townhall Planning Committee once again. Well done to the residents and Hulme Greens for keeping up the pressure!

Some local greens have been researching the situation, going back to when it was the Admiral and even before that. In fact it was 31st March 1980 when the brewery, Robinson’s (based in Stockport) took out a “restrictive covenant” which meant that the premises could BE USED ONLY AS A PUBLIC HOUSE.

That covenant remained in place for just over 30 years, until it was released on 15th June 2009, nearly two months after the planning application was submitted to turn Arch Bar into a 7-storey student block. And now we learn that none other than Nigel TIM Murphy has been claiming the credit for getting the covenant removed. He’s also claiming credit for getting the size of the block reduced by one floor. I think the local residents and greens deserve the credit for that. But we still lament the loss of yet another local community resource.

The Green Party is not anti-student, many of them are our natural supporters, candidates and members, but when an area is swamped with student halls and these are segregated from the wider community – almost literally, in the case of Hulme – then there is a sense of lack of investment in the locality, and sometimes a lack of care. Hulme is a vibrant mixed community - lets continue to fight to keep it this way.

We’d like Nigel Murphy to out from behind his invisibility cloak to come clean over his involvement in the lifting of the restrictive covenant that stood for 30 years. which signed the death warrant for the Arch to be used as a community space and/or social housing( didn't Hulme Labour promise us that last year in their campaign leaflet?)
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