Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Martin Luther King 'I've Been to the Mountain Top Speech' April 3rd 1968

Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4th 1968, aged 39 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The day before, Dr King delivered one of his finest and final speech, commonly called the ‘Mountain Top’ speech.

45 years ago today, this is that speech.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Manchester Greens Demand No Bedroom Tax Evictions Vote

Speaking at a cross-Party rally against the bedroom tax on Saturday, Manchester Green Party Chair Deyika Nzeribe called on the city’s Labour Council to refuse to evict any tenants because of the bedroom tax.

Deyika said  “The bedroom tax and council tax changes effectively cut benefits income by 27%.  That could affect over 12000 households in Manchester. The Green Party is against this – locally and nationally. 

“The coalition Government could have looked to make their reforms through local councils and housing organisations, instead they have made the bedroom tax the responsibility of the poor.   The Green Party and the Scottish National Party have taken a clear stance against the bedroom tax in Parliament.  Though campaigning against it, Labour has indicated that they would keep the tax in some form.  

“The same double standard is reflected in Manchester where the Council have remained silent on what they would do regarding the changes. Green-led Brighton and Hove Council have resolved that no tenant will be evicted because of the bedroom Tax.  On behalf of Manchester Green Party, I call upon the City Council to vote on a motion that no tenant will be evicted because of the tax in this city.  The Labour Council should stop making speeches and start taking action.

Manchester already has the highest level of child poverty in the country and rising levels of unemployment.  These welfare changes will make things very much worse." 

Manchester Green Party in recognising this,
  • have met with and support the work of the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission and the newly formed Poverty Action Group,
  • we have started a debate on how a local Green Economy can decrease the shocking levels of poverty in the city and make it less susceptible to recession, and  
  • are assisting local and city wide groups providing support for and protesting the bedroom tax and cuts to local services.

During the Spring 2013, the Manchester Green Party will hold a series of open policy forums following on from our initial ‘Green Economy, Green Jobs’ seminar in March. With the aim to creating practical policy and actions to address some of Manchester’s pressing issues, areas looked at will include
  • the  Economy, Employment and Poverty,
  • the Environment and Climate Change,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Neighbourhoods and Democracy. 

Welfare, NHS, Social Services, the Economy. 

The country is going in the wrong direction with these  ‘reforms’ and by its inaction, so is this city.

The Green Party aim to change that.

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