Monday, 5 March 2012

Remembering Gayle O'Donovan – A Public Celebration: Friday March 9th 2012

Gayle O’Donovan, local activist, neighbour and friend to many, died unexpectedly on January 21st 2012.

Whilst Gayle's funeral happened in Limerick a couple of weeks ago and numerous have written tributes, many people have expressed support for having a public event in Manchester - to celebrate her life and times.

A Public Celebration will be held on Friday 9th March 2012 from 7pm at the OK Café, in Hulme.

There will be food served (from 7pm with the event starting at 8pm) and people can hang out at the venue afterwards and have a drink.

All are welcome.

How you can help

There will be a large amount of space in the evening for people to share their stories. If you have a particular item that reminds you of a time you had with Gayle, then please bring it with you. I would also like to collate a modest pamphlet of photographs of Gayle and her history.

If you have any photos or other materials that can contribute or are able to lend a hand, please get in touch

Thank you

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