Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hulme pub 'The Junction' at Crossroads

The Junction - present day
After years of rumours about Hulme's 'The Junction' pub [1], news has arrived that it has been sold by owners, Hydes brewery [2].

Pub advocacy group CAMRA [3] reports that it has been sold to a local property developer, separately identified as PortfolioUK [4].

Built in the Victorian era, The Junction is an iconic Hulme landmark [5] and one of the last traditional community pubs in the area. Its said that there was once an underground tunnel between the The Junction and the nearby Hippodrome [6] so that performers staying at (there was once accommodation on the long ago removed third floor) could get direct access to the theatre. [7]
The Junction - 1924

Local activists are looking into how the venue can be retained as a community asset pointing out that the new Plunkett Foundation programme [8] aims to support up to 80 local pubs with a fund of £3.6 million over 2 years.

Hulme Green, Deyika Nzeribe commented 'Its a shame that Hydes did not appear value the importance of The Junction as part of the Hulme community, I'm sure they would have given a chance to local people to put in an offer.

'Over recent years we've lost The Grants [9], The Seahawk [10] and now The Junction seems to be heading the same way.

'The Universities [11, 12] and Housing associations [13] in Hulme have spent millions on their private property projects, well here is a chance for them to support a real piece of Hulme history. If they really do support the local community, they can put their money where their mouth is'.



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