Thursday, 8 September 2016

In the Running

"Devolution"[1] for Greater Manchester has many things wrong with it. There is
  • a lack of transparency
  • no democratic mandate from the people
  • an almost sole focus on 'growth'
  • a lack of practical focus on social issues
  • a lack of focus on the climate change and environmental issues

GMG Greens
Green Candidates
So why run to be the Green candidate for Mayor?

Because its an opportunity to put all of these issues on the agenda for Greater Manchester.

The role of the Mayor should be a campaigning one for the people.

In addition, 35% of constituencies in Greater Manchester are amongst the most deprived in the North West. [2] (Deprived areas have strong indicators of poverty, poor health, unemployment, poor or a lack of housing. [3] [4])

Manchester itself is stark in its levels of inequality. Whilst there is great wealth [5], its high levels of homelessness [6] is plain to see and it has some of the worst health in the country [7].

Although the Labour candidate for mayor [8] has a respectable record as an MP, in Manchester he is the 'status quo' candidate. That is not good enough.

We should be doing something different. 

BRT Rally
BRT Rally
On housing

Instead of accepting £300 million to build private accommodation [9] is the end of the story, why don't we ask government for an additional £300 million to stimulate social housing construction all over Greater Manchester?

It would
  • provide jobs and training
  • provide lower cost housing for those in need
  • support social landlords
  • enable young people to get on the property ladder
  • give a boost to ALL areas of region not just Manchester and Salford.

On health

The situation is bordering on disastrous. To deal with some of the worst health in the country
  • we should renegotiate the deal with government to get back the estimated £2 billion budget shortfall [10] 
  • fight to be given a free hand to organise its health systems instead of implementing government plans [11] . It should be devolution not delegation.
  • support the growth of the voluntary sector to provide additional support for health and social services
  • 'hand back' health devolution if the additional help requested is not forthcoming

Whilst health doesn't come directly under the Mayors remit, it such a huge issue, it MUST be on the Mayor's agenda.

On the economy

Instead of just competing for 'cherry on the top' events like Expo2025 [12], the region should also be fighting to bring in Green industry, providing long-term work as part of a new Green Deal [13].

Greater Manchester is home of the industrial revolution, and as such is also a parent to the beginnings of climate change [14]. As a region we have a responsibility to effectively fight climate change, to fight for a Greater Greener Manchester.

That is what I think.

So as a Greater Manchester Green Party member, I'm asking for your vote.

If you don’t already have a link to vote contact the Elections Officer. [15].



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